Digital Transformation is an upcoming big revolution in the Fintech Industry. To stay alive with the trend, upgrade your e-KYC process with Digital KYC.
Sudesi introduces SmartForce Video KYC an awarding winning innovative Digital KYC product that ensures a hassle-free transaction with robust data security to make your desired investment in digitally compiled e-markets.

Capabilities of SmartForce Video KYC

Assisted Model

Details of Customer sent to the Agent on his Verification Mobile App.

Agent visits the customer and completes the verification process in front of the customer.

Submit to the server for further processing.

Record the details of the Agent/employee who has performed the verification.

Self/Voluntary Model

Customer provided with a shortened link through SMS/e-mail.

Based on his convenience the customer can initiate and complete the KYC process.

Submit to the server for further processing.

Backend Web Portal

Application Management

Manage Application Users.

Manage Channels.

Manage products.

MIS/Record Management

Dashboard for completed/pending verification request.

Access to view the completed verification details, video and approve/reject the data.

Flexibility to download data, video and pdf upon user request.

Detailed Reports.


SmartForce Video KYC uses adStringO’s SHRINKMAN Compression at end-point to reduce the captured file size up to 90% without changing Aspect Ratio and Quality for easy transmission even at 2G network.


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